New house



We are going together from the very beginning to the end. It means that we have one view for both architecture and interior design.   


Interior design

Most of design techniques and elements are made exclusively for each project. This is exactly what the customer wants in form, color and texture. 



Work in Progress

The way from the idea to the finished project is full of surprises.

Ideas that seem obvious at the initial stage are transformed into new ones in the process. The level of professionalism of the architect and designer is estimated by the compliance of the finished project with the original plan, so we are fully included in each stage of implementation.



How do we work?


  • Getting acquainted;
  • Making a statement of work;
  • Signing a contract;
  • Payment of advance;
  • Passing the stage - payment for the next stage;
  • Passing the project;
  • Implementing the project.



  • We work with verified suppliers and specialists at every stage of building;
  • This accelerates the process of implementation and helps to avoid unnecessary costs and errors.


  • The order of multiple combinations of services;
  • The area of a private object is more than 800 square meters;
  • The area of a public object is more than 1000 square meters;
  • The order more than one project;
  • Discounts are summarized;
  • In the conditions of tight deadlines the discounts are being reconsidered.

The payment

  • Could be divided into stages;
  • Could be divided by months;
  • To the account of the Individual entrepreneur: in Belarusian rubles, in Russian rubles, in dollars, in euros, in hryvnias;
  • The payment is transferred to the settlement account of the Individual entrepreneur: in Belarusian rubles, in Russian rubles, in dollars, in euros, in hryvnias.

Remote projects

  • We work on projects remotely anywhere in the world;
  • Payment in the currency on Your choice;
  • You supervises all the stages in a special application;
  • Remote architectural supervision could be provided by any way of communication convenient for You + the amount of object visits are specified too. 

To contact us

  • phone number : +375 29 350 72 23
  •  Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram
  • write a letter: .
  • To fill out the form in the section Architecture and Interior Design